“Healthy Drinks at School” Charter

Excessive intake of sugar increases not only the risk of obesity in children, but also their chance of suffering from tooth decay. Children having sugary drinks will even develop a sweet tooth, which in turn hinders the development of a healthy eating habit. In a survey conducted by the Department of Health in 2016, it was found that about half of the interviewed kindergartens and child care centres would provide young children with whole or sweetened milk, such as chocolate milk and fruit-flavoured milk. It is also a cause for concern that many kindergartens and child care centres add whole milk, condensed milk, evaporated milk and sugar to instant drinks and use food as a reward.

Starting from the 2018/19 school year, the “StartSmart@school.hk” Campaign will launch the “Healthy Drinks at School” Charter for three school years, with a view to:

  • creating and enhancing a school environment and culture conducive to healthy eating by fostering closer collaboration with kindergartens and child care centres; and
  • reducing young children’s sugar intake by promoting healthy drinks and not offering unhealthy ones at schools.

We sincerely invite all kindergartens and child care centres to become a signatory of the Charter and pledge to promote healthy drinks at schools. For more information, please refer to details of the Charter. Schools interested in becoming a signatory of the Charter may download and fill in the Letter of Commitment for the Charter, and return it to the “StartSmart@school.hk” Secretariat by fax, email or post.

List of “Healthy Drinks at School Charter” Signatories

Examples of Healthy Drinks

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