Campaign Objectives

Multi-sectoral and integrated efforts are required to combat the growing threat of childhood obesity. To this end, the Department of Health launched the " Pilot Project" in 30 pre-primary institutions in school year 2010/11 to encourage and support them in their pursuit of cultivating healthy eating and active living habits in children. Based on the positive experience of the pilot project, the Department of Health has partnered with the Education Bureau, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, and stakeholders in pre-primary education and child health to form a Task Force and implement a territory-wide "" Campaign in school year 2011/12.

The "" Campaign promotes the health of children aged 2 to 6 years through a school-based setting. Using effective health education resources and training targeting kindergartens and child care centres (Pre-Primary Institutions), we aim to encourage and support parents and caregivers:

(i) to create conducive environments for healthy eating and physical activity for preschool children in the school and at home; and
(ii) to help preschool children cultivate a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

We encourage kindergartens and child care centres to implent "Healthy School Policy" to nurture a healthy culture in the campus. A nation has her laws, and a family has its own rules. This not only shows the commitment of the school to promote healthy living on a long-term and in a sustainable manner but also provide a clear and specific direction for observance by parties concerned in the school setting. Apart from schools, the family is another important place where children can explore and learn new things. Therefore, schools should actively seek the engagement as partners to nurture healthy eating and active living habits among children through the provision of a favourable learning and home environment.

Project Enquiries
To enquire about this Campaign or to request health education materials concerned, please contact us:

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