Nutritional Workshop for Teachers
Nutritional Workshop for Teachers

Nutritional Workshop for Teachers

Workshops in April to May 2024

Registration: For details, please contact the Secretariat
Target Audience : Teachers who are responsible for school meal arrangement and menu planning
Aims : To provide nutrition training for school teachers to enhance their confidence and capability to create a healthy eating environment in school.
Content :
  1. To briefly introduce the nutrition guidelines developed by the Department of Health (This section is similar to the “Nutritional Workshop for Food Preparers”)
  2. Practise the skills in menu modification
Mode and duration : 3 hours (in form of lecture and small group discussions)
Number of participants : 60 persons per session
Instructor : Dietitian of the Department of Health
Language Medium : Cantonese
Fee : Free
Remarks : Certificate of Attendance will be provided upon completion of the workshop