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StartSmart Pilot School : HKFYG Ching Lok Kindergarten Ching Lok Nursery


«Happy Fruit Day!»
Replace party snacks with delicious healthy food


Stage 1 : Introduction


Children love birthday parties, where you can find all that fatty, salty or sugary party food with low dietary fibre. Why not celebrate such a precious moment with a wide range of nutritious food items that are attractive as well? Fruits would definitely be your choice.


If you know that one cream cake (around 100g) contains the equal amount of calories as 1.5 bowl of rice, and that the amount of fat weighs 1/5 of the suggested daily fat intake of a child, you might wish the school to remedy the situation at once.


As a pilot school, HKFYG Ching Lok Kindergarten Ching Lok Nursery has acquired a great deal of health information and guidelines from seminars and workshops organised by the Department of Health. The school holds healthy birthday parties for children in which fruits and sponge replace unhealthy snacks. Moreover, the school arranges a series of physical activities with ‘fruit’ themes. This is to develop children’s interest in fruit so that they will convey the idea back home.


Stage 2 : Start Smart!


Live: Bring Fruit Home

Objective : To introduce children to different fruits; to teach them how to share among themselves, and to enable them to develop a healthy eating habit and not to bring unhealthy snacks at birthday parties.

Materials : Fruit models (red, yellow and orange), 1 ‘mystery box’, 3 hula hoops, 3 baskets (red, yellow and orange).


Let’s GO!


  1. Show children the ‘mystery box’. Tell them it contains lots of fruits inside.

  2. One by one, children reach for a fruit inside the box. They touch the fruit, guess and describe what it is. The teacher should encourage them to use as many adjectives as possible, e.g. ‘round’, ‘hard’, ‘soft’ or ‘smooth’.

  3. Take the fruit out. The whole class repeat the name aloud and name the characteristics of the fruit. Put it back into the box.

  4. Place the ‘mystery box’ at the starting point. Place 3 baskets (one red, one yellow and one orange in colour) at the destination. Put 3 hula hoops between the starting and the finishing points.

  5. Begin the activity: each child draws one piece of fruit out of the ‘mystery box’. Jump over the three hula hoops and put the fruit into the basket of a matching colour. Run back to the starting point, touch the hand of the next one in the queue to pass it on.


Live: Shopping for Fruits

Objective : To familiarise children with various fruits and their names

Time : 30-45 minutes

Materials : Fruit models, a basket, vocabulary cards (of fruits), hula hoops, traffic cones, rods and hangers (railings), eco shopping bags.


Let’s GO!


  1. Introduce the fruits inside the basket to the children.

  2. Divide the 12 children into 3 groups of 4 each.

  3. The teacher draws one vocabulary card, which reads, ‘APPLE’ for example; then he/she says, “Your teacher wants to buy an apple.”

  4. Children look for the fruit in the basket accordingly. They carry it while striding across the railings. They even jump over the hula hoops with both feet. Finally, they put the fruit into the eco shopping bag.


Each line materials position(three line)(From left to right order)

  1. Fruit basket
  2. Railings(Two)
  3. Hula hoops(Four)
  4. Recycle bags hanging on the clothes racks


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