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StartSmart Pilot School : Faith Lutheran Church Kindergarten


«Eggplant Juice is NOT Purple!»
Get to know a vegetable from its juice


Stage 1 : Introduction


Everybody knows that vegetables are good for health. Regular intake eases digestion and prevents diseases. However, children may not have a comprehensive concept of vegetables; worse still, they may regard vegetables as something disgusting and thus refuse to eat. In fact, vegetables exist in a wide variety of species; if both schools and parents manage to choose the proper cooking materials and be more creative with the cooking, children will certainly love eating vegetables. This is to foster a healthy lifestyle in a step-by-step approach.


With the aid of the Pilot Project, parents and children of Faith Lutheran Church Kindergarten successfully brushed up their knowledge of the nutritional values of vegetables, and made vegetable-eating a habit. The school used the resources offered by the Department of Health and carried out thematic learning activities. Through interacting with teachers, the children explored and grasped a clearer picture of the benefits of different vegetables, and no longer refuse to eat dishes of greens.


Stage 2 : Start Smart!


Live: Find Out the Colour of a Vegetable Juice

Objective : To reinforce knowledge of vegetables through exploring the natural colours of vegetables and their juices.

Time : 30 minutes

Materials : Vegetables (choy sum, yellow and red pepper, eggplant, beet), worksheets, wooden rods, napkins and colour pencils.


Let’s GO!

  1. First, children guess the colour of each vegetable juice and fill the worksheet with colour.

  2. Distribute the vegetables. Children wrap the vegetables with napkins and pound wooden rods on them until juice comes out. Ask them to observe and record the colours. Then ask them to share their answers with each other.


Live: Shop for Vegetables (physical activity game)

Objective : To encourage a healthy and active lifestyle among children through playing games and creating their own body movement. Children can also brush up their vocabulary of vegetables.

Time : 30 minutes

Materials : A quantity of vocabulary cards (with words from vegetables), and the same quantity of hula hoops.


Let’s GO!

  1. First, do some stretching to warm up.

  2. Then, put one vocabulary card, preferably one featuring common vegetables, inside each hula hoop.

  3. Instruct the children to stand within the hula hoops randomly.

  4. Invite one child to become the chef and ask him/her to buy vegetables with different gaits: for example, step-hopping, crabwise walking and single-leg hopping. If the chef shouts the name of a vegetable, such as ‘lettuce’, the children standing in the hula hoop of ‘lettuce’ will have to move around using the gait of the chef. If the chef says ‘yummy’, the children have to walk into any hula hoops. Whoever fails to do so will be caught by the chef, and that particular pupil will have to be the chef in the next round.

  5. Cool-down exercise.


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