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Drink More Water


StartSmart Pilot School : ELCHK Cheung Wah Kindergarten


«Powerful Water Elf»
Prince and Princess encourage children to drink water


Stage 1 : Introduction


About 70% of our body consists of water. A lack in water affects our motor activity or even threatens our life. Therefore, we need to drink more water in daily life. Apart from water, low-fat milk, low-sugar soya milk and soup are also preferred.


In order to encourage children to drink more water, ELCHK Cheung Wah Kindergarten conducts lively storytelling sessions and creative puppet theatre in class. Children take turns to dress as the Prince and the Princess of Water Elves so as to encourage others to drink more water. The ‘prince’ and ‘princess’ will randomly enter the classroom and play games with the children. This activity aims at reinforcing their understanding of drinking water and the importance of such a habit.


Parent-school collaboration is extremely important in building a healthy lifestyle. To encourage parents and children to live a healthy life, the school organised ‘Parent-Child StartSmart Game’ and distributed the ‘Water Cup Award Cards’ and ‘1-week Water-drinking Record Cards’ from March to April 2011.


Stage 2 : Start Smart!


Live : The Magic Wand of Water Elf

Objective : To tell the children that water is a colourless and odourless beverage which does not cause tooth decay.

Time : 20 minutes

Materials : A4 pictures of bottled water and other beverages, bottled water, a ‘magic book’, and the ‘taste of water’ record sheet.


Let’s GO!


  1. The teacher presents a picture of bottled water. Children have to describe the objects. Then the teacher asks questions like ‘what is this?’, ‘have you ever drunk any of it?’ and ‘what is its taste?’

  2. The teacher puts the picture inside ‘magic book’ and teaches the children to read the spell, ‘drink more water and become healthy’. Afterwards, the teacher will turn the picture into a real bottle of water.

  3. The teacher shows the ‘taste of water’ record sheet. Children will have to guess the taste of water and write the answer on the sheet. Then the class will drink water together. In the end, the teacher brings out the message that water is tasteless and odorless, and will not cause tooth decay.


Live : The princess and prince of water elves visiting children in class

Objective : To remind the children again to drink more water.

Time : No fixed time

Materials : Costumes for the ‘prince’ and ‘princess’ of water elves, and a set of magic props.


Let’s GO!


  1. The teacher assigns a boy and a girl to play the roles of the prince and the princess of the water elves.

  2. The prince and the princess lose their power because children do not drink water. Therefore they visit different classrooms and ask children to help restore their power.

  3. The prince and princess will bring water to the classroom. Then they will ask the pupils how many glasses of water they need every day.

  4. If the pupils give all correct answers, the prince of water elves will perform a magic.

  5. The prince and the princess deliver water to the class in the end. Everybody drinks water together.


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