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Balanced Diet


StartSmart Pilot School : TWGHs Chan King Har Kindergarten


«Activity Learning»
Learning nutritional values with great fun


Stage 1 : Introduction


A balanced diet is a good companion for children’s physical development and knowledge acquisition. If children overeat without sufficient exercises, fat will store up in the body, leading to obesity and other chronic diseases. Pupils in TWGHs Chan King Har Kindergarten learnt about the importance of maintaining a balanced diet through story-telling. In the story ‘The Witch Who Can’t Fly’, the witch is overweight and children suggest her to exercise more and have less meat. Learning though stories therefore helps children learn about healthy lifestyles in an interesting and effective way.


Apart from story-telling, group discussions and physical activities are included during the day as an extension on health education. Children are taught to distinguish healthy food items from unhealthy ones. Through competitions in physical activities, children are introduced to the types of food and their importance as indicated by the Food Pyramid.


Some other measures are carried out to arouse children’s interest. ‘Fruit Theatre’ is conducted to familiarise them with the variety of fruit. Children also make nutrition snacks and edible masks with bread during class. These activities serve as reminders of the importance of maintaining a healthy eating habit in the long run. The school hopes to send the message not only to children but also to their families.


Stage 2 : Start Smart!


LIVE : Balanced Diet GOGOGO

Objective : To teach children the types of food in the Food Pyramid, and to encourage them to exercise more.

Time : 30 minutes

Materials : Round soft platforms, hula hoops, floor mats, the Food Pyramid model, picture cards of food, and 2 baskets.


Let’s GO!

  1. Put children into two groups.

  2. A child from each group takes a picture card from the basket. He/she lies on one end of the floor mat and rolls to the other end.

  3. The child runs through the sequence of hula hoops and platforms. He/she then runs to the destination and puts the picture card on the correct place of the Food Pyramid model.

  4. He/she runs back to the starting point and the next spot in queue continues.


Live: Fruit Theatre

Objective : To allow children to learn the importance of a balanced diet. To teach them the different shapes of fruits.

Time : 30 minutes

Materials : Fresh fruit (apples, oranges, pitayas and pineapples) and a mini-stage


Let’s GO!

  1. Prepare a variety of fruit (i.e. apples, oranges, pitayas and pineapples) and glue fake eyes on them. Through role-playing, the fruit will introduce themselves.

  2. Ask children to describe what fruit they like to eat and the features of the fruit.


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