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StartSmart Pilot School Semple Kindergarten Page1

Drink More Water


StartSmart Pilot School : Semple Kindergarten


«Four-Week Fight in Drinking Water»
Children begin to like water


Stage 1 : Introduction


Water is essential to life. It contains no sugar and fats; thus no calorie is absorbed and no possibility of obesity is involved when water is drunk. Yet water is colourless and odourless; it is hard to persuade children to drink water regularly and stay away from sugary beverages; to achieve this, we need to make more effort. Fortunately, children are like a piece of plain paper and they take every word from us. If they can develop a habit of drinking water at school, they may even educate their parents in return.


The Semple Kindergarten joined the Pilot Project and distributed the water drinking record sheets to the students. They were encouraged to drink more water every day and record their doing so in four consecutive weeks. Parents were enthusiastic in this activity. Children who had used to resist water now understood its benefits and even asked to drink water.


Other aspects of a healthy diet were also explored; for example, talking to the caterers about reducing the supply of sauces and increasing the amount of vegetables in lunchboxes. The school also organised activities to improve the health awareness of teachers and parents.


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