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Regular Meal Time


StartSmart Pilot School : Ching Chung Hing Tung Kindergarten


«Omni-Directional Chess Game»
Train your children with physical exercises and healthy eating


Stage 1 : Introduction


To maintain a healthy life, an appropriate eating habit is essential. Therefore, children should have regular and balanced diet. Punctual meals and refreshments are conducive to the proper absorption of nutrients; if we skip meals, we will be starved and then we will overeat later. Eating too frequently is also a problem; it may cause tooth decay. Children should learn that punctuality and a regular lifestyle are equally important.


In order to supply children with sufficient energy and nutrients, we should give them breakfast, lunch and dinner at an interval of 4 to 6 hours. Between meals, refreshment can only be provided once and should be at least 1.5 to 2 hours away from meals. Also, meals and refreshments should be complementary in terms of variety and quantity; this is to ensure an adequate supply of nutrients.


Ching Chung Hing Tung Kindergarten has been teaching a ‘healthy campus’ curriculum. With the implementation of the Pilot Project, the original curriculum was merged with other class activities which in turn brought about a greater learning outcome. The school designed a creative chess game to teach children the importance of regular diet. The game helped them practise a healthy diet and trained their motor coordination at the same time.


Stage 2 : Start Smart!


Live : Regular Diet Chess

Objective : Children learn how often they should eat so as to attain a regular diet. In the physical activity, children are instructed to do certain actions such as hopping or jumping, climbing, crawling through a hula hoop, etc. These body movements train the motor coordination of children’s major and minor muscles.

Time : 30 minutes

Materials : 36 pieces of soft mattresses (topped with pictures of breakfast, lunch and dinner), a dice (each face indicating a time and what we eat by then, e.g. 8 a.m - breakfast), a plastic basket, coloured straps, ‘food medals’, hula hoops, a music CD, and a CD player.


Let’s GO!


  1. Setting: Place the mattresses on the floor and form a Flying Chess board. Put the pictures of breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as the dice on the mattresses.

  2. The teacher starts the activity by telling the story ‘Ching Ching and Liang Liang’. He/she asks the class to think about the adverse effects of eating irregularly, such as losing appetite for meals and higher chances of tooth decay.

  3. Children become the chessmen. They take turns to throw the dice at the starting point. If they get ‘breakfast’ in three dice rolls, they can move forward.

  4. When a child gets the ‘breakfast - 8 a.m.’ face, he/she has to put on the coloured strap and clip the breakfast medal on the strap. Then he/she has to crawl to the lunch mattress and throw the dice. They will have to get a ‘lunch’ face and so on.

  5. Once the child arrives at the destination, he/she has to shout the slogan: ‘I am a healthy kid and eat regularly’ with creative gestures.



Children at the starting point need to roll the "Breakfast Dice" before setting off.

  1. Have breakfast at 8:00am (get the breakfast medal)
  2. Have lunch at noon (get the lunch medal)

Hop or jump over the mat; crawling

  1. Have snack at 4:00pm (get the snack medal)

Put the hoop through the body

  1. Get the dinner medal

After arriving the ending point, say the slogan: "I'm a healthy kid and eat regularly!"


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