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StartSmart Pilot School : N.T. Women & Juveniles Welfare Association Ltd. Yuen Long Children Garden


Ā«Children Turning into Health StarsĀ»
Apply what’s learnt in class


Stage 1 : Introduction


To achieve an all-round preschool education, the school not only has to pass knowledge on to children, but also develop their self-care ability. Nutritional education and physical fitness are important as children can understand what they need for personal growth. They can also develop an appropriate dietary habit and foster a correct attitude towards a healthy lifestyle.


All members of New Territories Women & Juveniles Welfare Association Limited Yuen Long Children Garden embrace the idea that ‘health is the principal wealth of human beings’. Therefore, the school joined the Pilot Project and organised activities based on the theme of vegetables. Related activities were divided into three stages between October 2010 and May 2011. These encouraged children to eat more vegetables and do more physical exercise in a progressive approach, so that children could maintain balanced development and grow happily.


Throughout the activities, the school regularly forwarded information from the Department of Health to parents. Both parents and children enjoyed the creative games and activities very much. Children who used to find vegetables offensive were willing to try and accept vegetables as a result.


Stage 2 : Start Smart!


Live: Spring is All Over the Campus

Objective : To help children understand the impact of global warming on the seasons; to enhance their knowledge of the importance of utilising resources with an eco-friendly purpose, and to enrich their knowledge of healthy eating.

Materials : Teaching materials (such as pictures, story books and online resources) and eco-friendly vegetable-shaped accessories.


Let’s GO!

  1. The activity is based on the theme ‘spring’; it explores the causes of global warming, climatic changes and their influence on growth of plants.

  2. Children are invited to use recycled materials to create their own eco-friendly vegetable-shaped accessories with their parents.

  3. The above-mentioned accessories are used to decorate the school to liven up the atmosphere of the activity.


Live: EatSmart Vegetable Recipe Competition

Objective : To design creative, simple, healthy and delicious dishes within the principles of a balanced nutrition, and to turn ordinary vegetables into children’s favourite food.

Materials : Recipe designing worksheets and ballot tickets.


Let’s GO!

  1. Parents are invited to join this EatSmart vegetable recipe competition and design healthy main courses, snacks or soups.

  2. They can also vote for the best five recipes among all. The selected recipes will form the ‘Vegetable Smart Healthy Lunch’ menu for the ‘Health Carnival’.

  3. All of the participating recipes will be published into a cookbook which will be distributed to parents on Parents’ Days, Open days and at schools’ sharing sessions.


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