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StartSmart Pilot School : HKSPC Park'N Shop Staff Charitable Fund Nursery School


«Fruit Party Time!»
Colours add fun to eating fruit


Stage 1 : Introduction


Fruit not only strengthens children’s immunity but also aids the discharge of body waste. We should also replace unhealthy snacks and desserts with fruit to avoid excessive calorie and fat intake.


HKSPC Park'N Shop Staff Charitable Fund Nursery School has been promoting a balanced development for pupils. Parents receive regular news and publications that contain health messages with a will to increase their awareness about their children’s health.


Based on the ‘fruit’ theme of the Pilot Project, the teachers created a story called ‘Piggy’s Fruit Party in the Jungle’, and they designed an interesting fitness game for the children. Through role-playing Piggy and her mother, the main characters, children enjoyed the game very much and they learnt to tell the names, colours and shapes of each kind of fruit. Besides, children made fruit salad together so that they could experience the texture and taste of different fruits. This in turn reinforced what they had learnt.


Stage 2 : Start Smart!


Live: Piggy’s Fruit Party in the Jungle

Objective : Children learn the names of fruits. They identify the colours and sort the fruits according to the colours. Meanwhile, the teacher explains the benefits of eating fruit.

Time : 30 minutes

Materials : A music CD, bean bags with pictures of fruits, plastic baskets, soft mattresses, hair bands (red, yellow, green).


Let’s GO!

  1. Induce motivation:

    • Children listen to the music and do warm-up exercise.

    • The teacher begins to tell the story of Piggy. ‘Once upon a time, Piggy had a fruit party in the jungle. Her mother bought her a lot of fruit. Yet when Piggy’s mother was carrying the fruit, she accidentally dropped some on the ground.’Children are then invited to pick up the pieces of dropped fruit and deliver each of them to a plastic basket of a matching colour.

  2. Activity time:

    • The teacher explains the game’s rules and explains how to help Piggy’s mother pick up the fruit.

    • First, divide the class into three groups. Each child puts on a red, yellow or green hair band to indicate the colour of the group he/she belongs to.

    • The three groups then queue up in front of the soft mattresses. They take turns to crawl across the mattresses and look for the bean bags that match the colours of their hair bands.

    • Put the bean bag into a plastic basket of a matching colour.

    • When the entire group finish picking up all the bean bags of their group’s colour, they can sit down and rest.

  3. Cool-down exercise:

    • The teacher shows the fruit inside the basket. Children have to tell what fruit they have picked up in the game. They also have to share what their favourite fruit is.

    • The teacher thanks the whole class for helping Piggy’s mother. Then he/she conveys the message that fruit is nutritious and that eating fruit improves our health. This activity is to encourage children to eat different fruits at home.


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