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Balanced Diet


StartSmart Pilot School : Tsui Lam Estate Baptist Kindergarten


«Family Day, Sports Day!»
Develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle


Stage 1 : Introduction


Ever since the Pilot Project was launched, the school has improved the daily diet and the design of physical activity. Much effort has been taken to consolidate children’s understanding of a balanced diet, physical fitness and healthy lifestyle. This has become a major teaching topic in the school year.


The workshops organised by the Department of Health provided extensive nutritional information to the school. The food preparation staff learnt to read the nutrition labels and became more careful about choosing cooking methods, choice of ingredients and meal portions. Besides, the school also focused on the physical development of children as it enhanced their cognitive ability and concentration in class, thus improving their school performance. Teachers organised physical activity and distributed Department fo Health’s published ‘My Physical Activity Diary’ to encourage children to do more exercise daily.


The World Health Organization points out that a lack of physical activity and excessive energy intake may lead to obesity and other chronic diseases. So, take action now!


Stage 2 : Start Smart!


Live : Rhythmic Sports Day – Bouncing Fun

Objective : Allow parents to do exercise with their children and deepen their understanding of the Food Pyramid.

Materials : A music CD, a ball, a cardboard case, picture cards of food, and the Food Pyramid.


Let’s GO!

  1. All parents stand face-to-face with the children, forming two queues.

  2. When the music begins, the first adult in the queue passes the ball to the opposite child.

  3. Then the child bounce-passes the ball to the second adult and so on.

  4. The last parent and child put the ball down, draw out one picture card from the cardboard case and put it at the right place along the Food Pyramid. When the music stops, the game comes to a pause.


Live: Rhythmic Sports Day – Nutrition Path

Objective : To facilitate interaction among families, and to reinforce their understanding of what a balanced diet is about.

Materials : A4 cardboards, a basket, picture cards of food, and a giant cardboard.


Let’s GO!

  1. A child holds an A4 cardboard while his/her parent is standing on another A4 cardboard.

  2. Then the child puts his/her cardboard on the ground and the parent steps on it.

  3. The child picks up the first cardboard used and places it in front of the parent again. The parent moves on to it. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

  4. Continue the game with the child paving a way for the parent with the A4 cardboards.

  5. When they reach the basket, the child has to pick up a picture card of a nutritious food item. The child walks crabwise with the parent and delivers the picture card to the destination.

  6. Finally, post the picture card on the giant cardboard.


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